A Bridge port opens up the intake port on the leading edge right out to the corner seal track and the continues onto the other side of the track. The steel left between these inner and outer ports serves as a supporting ‘bridge’ for the corner seals to ride across and gives the name ‘bridge’ porting.

Bridge ports can be varied in size depending on the engine, for example the 13b RENESIS engine cannot typically be wildly bridge-ported without cause other complications and in some instances the rotor itself can be slightly notched to help increase the area of the port and improve airflow. If all sides of the intake port are bridged, this is known as a full-bridge, as most often utilised on our RX7 13b REW bridge ports. If only the secondary ports are bridged (four-port engines), this is known as a half-bridge whilst if only the auxiliary ports are bridged (six-port engines), this is referred to as an auxiliary port.


Mazda RX-8

RX-8 Bridge Porting

  • Without supporting modifications - 8bhp increase approx.
  • With other modifications such as intake, exhaust and ECU Mapping - 12-20bhp increase approx.
  • All prices subject to vat.

Half Bridgeport £435

Full Bridgeport £600

Mazda RX-8 R3 Studio Image
Mazda RX-7 FD Original in Yellow

Mazda RX-7

RX-7 Bridge Porting

  • Without supporting modifications - 25bhp increase approx.
  • With other modifications such as intake, exhaust and ECU Mapping - 150-200bhp increase approx.
  • Ideal for Race/Drag Racing etc.
  • All prices subject to vat.

Half Bridgeport £520

Full Bridgeport £625


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Having chose RotaryMotion for the development of my RX8 NA race engines I’ve been astounded by the support, technical knowledge and abilities of the team. Having used lots of engine ‘builders’ in the past I wouldn’t trust my rotary with anyone else!

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Very nice people to deal with, quick turn around, expert advice, excellent prices, my RX8 is running 100% better than before! I had the silver package engine rebuild with a new clutch. I’m really pleased with the work from Rotary Motion and will deffo use again and recommend to anybody who owns an RX! Thanks for everything!

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