Common Mazda RX-8 Issues include:

  • Hot start problems (signs of poor compression).
  • Growling noise and loss of power (sticking SSV or tune valves).
  • Engine Management Light flashing whilst driving (real-time detection of engine misfire).
  • Rattling Exhaust (catalyst damaged with ceramic in the rear section of exhaust).
  • Won’t rev past 5000rpm approx. (Damaged catalyst blocking exhaust).
  • Struggle To gain 30mph with Engine Management in ‘Limp’ Mode (Oil Metering Pump fault).
  • Engine struggles to start (possible Starter Motor. Early starter motors were slow and inferior to later models).
  • Ignition Coils.
  • Burning oil and blue smoke from exhaust (oil in air intake due to poor engine or excessive high revs).
  • Tapping noise from engine bay (bad/worn actuator on manifold).

Other Issues/Problems

  • The owners who treat the rotary engine like a piston engine. This isn’t an engine you can simply ignore. There are no special tricks to maintaining one, but the engine MUST be looked after. Run the engine to the redline at least once every couple of days to keep carbon build-up at bay
  • Using the wrong octane fuels.
  • Not changing the oil at 5000-mile intervals or less and coolant at the times specified. We’ve had customers get nearly 100,000 miles from their engine without redline.
  • When you start the car do not stop the engine cold. This can cause flooding. Always let it run for a couple of minutes once started. I’ve never flooded mine even when it has stalled cold, but it’s good advice nonetheless.
  • Moisture in the tail lights of earlier “Series 1” models is a known issue.

No Hidden Extra Guarantee

Our NO HIDDEN EXTRA GUARANTEE ensures you only pay for your chosen package. If, once your engine is stripped we find you need internal parts including Rotors, Rotor Housings, Engine Plates or the e-Shaft, we will replace these at no extra cost!

**FREE Recovery

At RotaryMotion, we offer a FREE vehicle collection/recovery service within a 100 mile radius when booking your vehicle in for an engine rebuild.

Please note: We cannot be held liable or responsible for your vehicle prior to collection. This includes vehicle taxation, parking charges and/or subsequent fines.


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So glad I decided to bring my RX7 fd3s to Rotary Motion!! Quick rebuild turn around with constant updates on progress, professional job done and a really nice genuine bunch of guys. Would recommend them to anyone and couldn’t have asked for a better service. Thanks again for all the hard work the guys put in and looking forward to coming down again for more work!

Tom B.

Having chose RotaryMotion for the development of my RX8 NA race engines I’ve been astounded by the support, technical knowledge and abilities of the team. Having used lots of engine ‘builders’ in the past I wouldn’t trust my rotary with anyone else!

Antony W.

Very nice people to deal with, quick turn around, expert advice, excellent prices, my RX8 is running 100% better than before! I had the silver package engine rebuild with a new clutch. I’m really pleased with the work from Rotary Motion and will deffo use again and recommend to anybody who owns an RX! Thanks for everything!

Jack M.

Since getting into Rotary Chris has always been my go to guy. When I had the RX8 he was who made sure I knew how to look after the car, now on my second rotary an FC convertible. Correctly diagnosed a fault with the car that another garage had missed. Chris is a amazingly knowledgeable guy who works magic at what he does.

Aaron J

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