About Chris

When Chris was just 13 years old, his dad came home with a First Generation Mazda RX-7 sporting a bad engine. As a team they stripped, learned, and rebuild their very first rotary engine with great success. From here, a passion for rotary engines was born.

As Chris grew older, he naturally progressed into the Automotive world as an apprentice for Marlborough specialist working on Porsche and Ferrari models before moving across to Mazda where he became a fully trained Mazda technician – at a crucial time when rotary-powered vehicles were still being built and sold, unlike today’s technicians.

Focussing on rotary power, Chris continued his working life developing RX-7 engine and rotary engine conversions before the then recently released RX-8s began to show signs of issues and problems – mainly caused by poor mechanical maintenance, failing coils, and blocked catalytic converters. Chris naturally transferred his 13B-REW knowledge across to the 13B-RENESIS although as he will confess, there is little similarity between the failings and performance upgrades due to the differences in their design to suit stringent emissions controls and regulations. Thus the experience and knowledge has been adapted and extended to suit the RENESIS engine across all disciplines from normal weekend/daily road use through to advanced on-track and racing exploits.

About Sara

Sara plays an active role at RotaryMotion from managing admin functions, customer relationship management, and invoicing through to parts cleaning, engine stripping, and general support roles across the length and breadth of the workshop.

Sara has been a pivotal role at RotaryMotion since its inception and continues to help both Chris and Dave both mechanically and in the development of the business as we take on new and exciting projects and expansion plans.

Finally, we can’t mention Sara without highlighting the crucial support role she plays through our Race Team Support activities and hospitality – thanks Sara!

As well as Rotary work chris also has a side line business Vehicle Recovery



No Hidden Extra Guarantee

Our NO HIDDEN EXTRA GUARANTEE ensures you only pay for your chosen package. If, once your engine is stripped we find you need internal parts including Rotors, Rotor Housings, Engine Plates or the e-Shaft, we will replace these at no extra cost!

**FREE Recovery

At RotaryMotion, we offer a FREE vehicle collection/recovery service within a 100 mile radius when booking your vehicle in for an engine rebuild.

Please note: We cannot be held liable or responsible for your vehicle prior to collection. This includes vehicle taxation, parking charges and/or subsequent fines.


About us

Customer Reviews

So glad I decided to bring my RX7 fd3s to Rotary Motion!! Quick rebuild turn around with constant updates on progress, professional job done and a really nice genuine bunch of guys. Would recommend them to anyone and couldn’t have asked for a better service. Thanks again for all the hard work the guys put in and looking forward to coming down again for more work!

Tom B.

Having chose RotaryMotion for the development of my RX8 NA race engines I’ve been astounded by the support, technical knowledge and abilities of the team. Having used lots of engine ‘builders’ in the past I wouldn’t trust my rotary with anyone else!

Antony W.

Very nice people to deal with, quick turn around, expert advice, excellent prices, my RX8 is running 100% better than before! I had the silver package engine rebuild with a new clutch. I’m really pleased with the work from Rotary Motion and will deffo use again and recommend to anybody who owns an RX! Thanks for everything!

Jack M.

Since getting into Rotary Chris has always been my go to guy. When I had the RX8 he was who made sure I knew how to look after the car, now on my second rotary an FC convertible. Correctly diagnosed a fault with the car that another garage had missed. Chris is a amazingly knowledgeable guy who works magic at what he does.

Aaron J

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