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RX8 PerformanceMap

Unlike stock mapping packages, we base every PerformanceMap on your existing engine and performance modifications. This enables us to fine tune your PerformanceMap to match the specific and individual nuances and balance of your engine and modifications.

The Performance is our premium complete ECU reprogramming service.

Every rotary engine is unique based on the wear of its internal parts such as rotors, plates, housings and seals. So, unlike stock mapping packages which are preset to defined settings and parameters, our PerformanceMap ECU remap is customised and tailored to suit the nuances, wear and performance levels of your individual engine. We upgrade your ECU software to the latest Mazda firmware, install all the benefits and features from our Mini Map reflash including adjusting some engine critical settings to enhance the performance and increase the longevity of your rotary powered vehicle. We then fine tune your ECU to adjust for sensor variations resulting in a far more efficient running engine, better economy and increased vehicle performance before releasing the full power of our mapping to unleash every last drop of horsepower and torque to suit your individual car - whilst retaining critical reliability.

  • Based upon your existing vehicle ECU Base Map.
  • Free upgrade to the latest Mazda ECU firmware.
  • Choose from any or all of the following updates:
    • Increase Oil Metering Pump (OMP) Injection Rates;
    • Adjusted Low & High Speed Cooling Fan Trigger Temperatures;
    • Adjusted Cold Start Rev Limit;
    • Adjusted Dwell Timing for D585, D989, BHR, AEM Smart or MSD Coil Packs;
    • Check Engine Light (CEL/DTC) Removal/Delete;
    • Throttle Response (throttle reacts faster with less pedal angle);
  • Sensor Adjustments including Mass Airflow (MAF) to suit the nuances of your engine;
  • Complete MAF scaling, intake, exhaust and fuelling reconfiguration to extract maximum performance;
  • Ideal for those with Street/Half-Bridge/Bridge-ported engines and lots of modifications and bolt-ons;
  • All prices subject to vat.


Proven on the Track

Our EasyTuning UK PerformanceMap has been trialled, developed and proven on the race track during 2016 on the class-winning, Mazda RX-8 of Antony Weeks.

During a 'developmental' year for the car, Antony and the team have worked hard to develop the processes and configurations for our very own 13b Renesis-powered RX8 and achieved the optimum settings to maximise the performance of the engine and car at circuits including Castle Combe, Pembrey and Donington Park.

Antony said...

"During the stages of development we were able to iron out both high and low spots in performance, massively improve the throttle response which assisted in the heel-and-toe technique and make a significant improvement to the performance of the Bridgeported engine. Plus the added and nearly constant flames are always a bonus!"

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All calls are recorded.

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