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Engine Rebuilds

At RotaryMotion we pride ourselves on the quality and completeness of our rebuild and re-manufacturer packages. We appreciate individual budgets and requirements however unlike some competitors, we will only advise and complete Engine Rebuilds using Genuine Mazda parts.
This does not include ancillary parts.

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Engine Porting

There are a number of different intake porting options for the 13b REW and RENESIS rotary engines. Neither option is better than the next, rather the key is to determine the engine use, objectives and budget.

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ECU Mapping

Introducing EasyTuning - exclusive and specialised Mazda rotary engine performance ECU mapping and reprogramming for ALL Mazda RX-8 and RX-7 models.

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Servicing & Repairs

We offer a full range of Interim and Full Service Options for ALL Mazda models including rotary and piston engine variants.

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Track & Race

Through our on-track exploits we've tried and tested numerous upgrades, options and enhancements to both RX-7 and RX-8 models including overcoming the usual issues caused by high-performance, on-track running.

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Forced Induction

Throughout the years Mazda turbocharged a large number of rotary engines from the factory, most commonly the FC and FD generation RX-7s however any rotary engine is a great candidate for turbocharging.

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