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Engine Porting

There are a number of different intake porting options for the 13b REW and RENESIS rotary engines. Neither option is better than the next, rather the key is to determine the engine use, objectives and budget.

Engine Porting describes modifications to the intake ports on a rotary engine. There are a number of different porting options ranging from the mild to extremely wild or somewhere inbetween.

Depending on the usage, performance requirement and/or budget any one of these options may be suitable and neither one is necessarily 'better' than another. A rotary engines performance is an accumulation of parts and elements, porting represents only one of the those elements.

Street Porting

The most common form of intake port modification for a rotary engine and normally undertaken during one of our rebuild or re-manufacturing packages.

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Bridge Porting

The corner seal track limits how far we can go with a standard Street Port otherwise the rotor's Corner Seals can fall out of the rotor and become lodged in the port itself. A Bridge Port can circumvent this...

Read about the Bridge Porting

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